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Swanson Talent, a headhunting & coaching firm, is on a mission to elevate the staffing industry.


The founder, Tim D’Onofrio, has helped numerous staffing organizations solve their most challenging business problems.


If you’re dealing with any of the following:

  • Lack of vision and clarity throughout your organization

  • Underperforming talent and teams

  • Disconnect between sales and recruitment

  • Leadership and accountability issues

  • Stagnant or declining revenue


… Swanson Talent would love to help!



- Management

- Sales

- Recruiting

- Support Staff

- Management Training

- Sales Training

- Recruiter Training

- Executive

- Management

- Sales

- Recruiter

- Process Evaluation

- Technology Evaluation

- Data & Metrics Evaluation

Tim D'Onofrio

Founder + Headhunter + Coach

Tim D’Onofrio is a staffing industry veteran that is on a mission to elevate the profession he loves. Like many, he started as a Recruiter and worked his way around the business to Account Management, Business Development, Leadership, and now Coaching.


He loves working with staffing businesses, teams, and individuals to help them make a positive impact on the people they serve.


If you’re interested in seeing how Tim and Swanson Talent can help your staffing business thrive, please reach out using any of the contact information below.

p: (248) 670-2660


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